Seaside Gialova is an ideal spot for those who enjoy sea sports such as windsurfing. The morning mild winds of Navarino bay are ideal for beginners whereas the afternoon more powerful winds are more adventurous for the experienced ones.
Other sea sports/activities you can enjoy in Navarino bay are water skiing, kite surfing, sailing, canoeing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Land sports and activities such as climbing, go carting, bike trekking and hiking tours are organized by COSTA NAVARINO luxury resorts.
Golf & Tennis: Golf courses and tennis courts at COSTA NAVARINO Luxury Resorts. The Seaside Gialova is located 600 meters from the Bay Golf Course and 6 km from the Dunes Golf Course.In Navarino Racquet Academy all racquet sports: tennis, mini tennis for kids, table tennis, speedminton squash, badminton, padel, beach tennis and beach racquets.